Tech & Tools


Asset Management / Warehouse Management System (WMS)  Click here to access

BRG OfficeMovers™ provides all asset management & storage clients with access to an all-in-one warehousing software solution to keep full control of your inventory. Barcoding, tracking, digital imaging, reporting, timestamping, PO’s, shipping and full EDI integration – these are just some of the tasks that you can do in our WMS program all of which are fully customizable to your company needs. Key customer benefits include but not limited to:

  • Reduced Operating Expenses
  • Enhanced Inventory Visibility
  • Just-in-Time Inventory
  • Efficient Labor Management


Project / Order Management Solutions  Click here to access

BRG OfficeMovers™ project management technology platform allows you to collaborate, manage, and report on work in real time, automate workflows, and deploy new processes at scale. Our logistics and project management team becomes an extension of your organization which provides many previously unseen benefits such as:

  • Increased cross-team accountability and participation.
  • Fewer errors in repeatable processes.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Automation of your workflows and reduction of manual tasks
  • Internal and External vendor collaboration


Move Planning
Planning is crucial to minimize cost and employee disruption during an office & industrial relocation. It takes experience to develop an effective plan and your BRG OfficeMover consultant is your relocation resource helping you orchestrate the entire move from plan development to execution and everything in between, including:

  • Company and/or Department surveys, budgets, and move plans
  • Floor planning and building preparation
  • Timing and work area move scheduling
  • Packing & Labeling employee training seminars

Move Plan and Checklist


Employee Packing & Labeling Checklist
BRG Office Movers™ has developed comprehensive “Packing & Labeling” seminars for your employees and move managers. These informative meetings last between 20-30 minutes and can be held in groups ranging from 10-30 people per session. We can schedule multiple sessions based on the schedules of your departments.

  • Pre-printed Packing & Labeling instruction handouts provided
  • Review of the various items requiring packing and types of materials/containers required
  • Integration of your Telco, IT, Parking, Security and Building Access directives can be included.

Employee Packing & Labeling Checklist


Identification Labels & Signage
To facilitate the move from one location to another, BRG OfficeMovers™ will provide color coded moving labels for all contents and furnishings. We will also provide identification (placard) signage that identifies individual offices, workstations and common areas.  Prior to your move, BRG OfficeMovers™ will explain the different applications of the labeling & numbering systems to be used on your relocation.

  • A floor plan of your new location should be developed with numbers assigned to each office, workstation, and common areas.
  • Label Color and Employee Numbers will be assigned to identify each floor, department, and employee location of your new facility
  • Placards can be pre-printed by BRG OfficeMovers™ with employee location numbering scheme for large moves

BRG Office Movers Placard

BRG Office Movers 2×3 Labels