How To Prepare Employees for an Office Move

If your business or office is relocating, it is understandable for you and your staff to have many questions. Depending on the size of your business, and complexity of the transition, an office move can seem daunting. From signing lease space, informing employees, moving and organizing furniture, financial planning, and more, there are many responsibilities and processes to be accountable for during the move.

When getting ready to make the office move with your employees, follow this smart checklist with helpful instructions to help manage the process and provide a smoother transition.

Checklist For Communicating Office Moving Plans

Consider these essential steps, in preparing your employees for the move, including a formal announcement, regularly scheduled moving updates, requests for feedback, and opportunities for employees to ask questions and receive needed support, including getting staff involved in the move as necessary, and more.

Sending A Company-Wide Message with Moving Details
One of the first steps for preparing for an office move is to inform your staff and employees. When announcing a relocation to the team, be sure to give them as many details as possible including planned dates, new location and focus on the positive aspects of the new office space.

Regularly Update Staff and Answer Questions
Generally, office moves take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete the transition. The more time you can give your employees, the better. Keep all staff informed about the moving process by regularly sharing updates through email and during meetings. Share photos of the new space as the office build out is being completed.

Request Staff Feedback
Let your employees know that you understand an office move is a big step, but you appreciate their patience and keep them in the loop. Allowing your staff to ask any questions and receive feedback can help ease the stress of making the office move.

Let Staff Know About the Benefits and Opportunities Related to the Move
There are many benefits to an office move, from bigger workspaces and meeting rooms, upgraded technology, and potentially a better location, plus boosting employee morale and brand perception, to name a few.

Get Staff Involved in The Move as Needed
Allow staff to feel more involved in the process. Ask their opinions for details such as office designs, furniture selection, location preferences, or anywhere their input can be valuable to the company and the move. It is also a good idea to schedule time for the employees to visit the new space prior to the move.

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