Office Moving Tips for a Successful Relocation

Something that most people hate the thought of is completing an office relocation. Whether it’s moving to a new floor within the same building or a full-blown move to a different state, it can be a large undertaking. At BRG Office Movers™, we have a lot of experience with office relocations, and as professional office movers we have the ultimate office relocation tips to help yours go as smoothly as possible.  

Follow the office moving tips below for a seamless experience or contact us to take the weight off your shoulders.

1. Create an Office Moving Plan

We cannot stress the importance of planning enough. Having an office moving plan is the best office relocation tip we can give. A plan will ensure calm and order in what could otherwise be a chaotic situation. By creating a plan in timeline order, you and your team will know exactly what needs to be done and when. You will be able to prioritize jobs and nothing important will be forgotten or left to be completed hurriedly at the last minute. Adding dates as to when you expect each task to be done helps your move stay on track. Ensure your office moving plan is realistic and attainable. 

2. Build an Office Relocation Team 

Change can be unsettling for employees. Keep everyone in the loop by holding regular meetings to discuss the office relocation. Nominate people from each department to join the office relocation team so that there is a key person and point of call to give direction about personal responsibility during the move. These meetings also allow people to express their opinions about the new workplace and what works well currently. This process can help to boost morale, get employees excited about and invested in the move, and keep everyone informed during the relocation. 

3. Hire Office Moving Professionals 

Other handy office moving tips include hiring professional office movers such as BRG Office Movers™. As a team who has partnered with many companies during their office relocations, we are reliable and have the resources and experience to make your office relocation go as smoothly as possible. Leave all of the planning and execution in our capable hands so you can focus on your business. Together we will make the transition seamless for you and your employees. 

4. Ensure Employees Pack Their Desks 

By making sure every employee is accountable for their personal work possessions and desk spaces, it makes for a smoother operation. Give employees plenty of warning and a deadline for packing their desks so that nothing is left to the last minute. At BRG Office Movers™, part of our service includes providing color-coded moving labels so everything is moved to the correct area, as well as training seminars for your employees on packing and labeling. 

5. Update Your Address 

It is vital that everybody your business has contact with knows of your office relocation.  

Remember to update: 

  • Suppliers 
  • Customers/clients 
  • Vendors 
  • Your Google business profile 
  • Business cards 
  • Company website 
  • Letterheads and other company stationery 

It is important to communicate with clients and customers about where you will be based and how you will continue your work during this process. They can then be reassured and remain satisfied that you value their business.  


Choose BRG Office Movers™ As Your Office Moving Professionals 

With years of experience helping companies of all sizes to relocate, we know all the office relocation tips needed to make your move a hassle-free experience.   

Our other services include warehousing and asset management where you are able to manage your inventory and assets to know exactly what you have in real-time.  We also offer installation services which include installing medical equipment, office furniture reconfiguration, office furniture installation, and decommissioning, re-sale, or recycling of redundant furniture. Contact us today to receive a free office moving quote and we can get started on creating your office moving plan.