How to Successfully Relocate A Business to a New State

For the move to be successful, you need to plan, plan, plan. BRG Office Movers can help you ensure all of your ducks are in a row to help you to move your business from one state to another without stress. Our project management team can help you organize all of the following aspects of the move with minimal disruption: 


When looking to relocate a business to another state, if you are a corporation or LLC, you must register the company in the new location and pay an annual fee. If you are a business owner who is relocating the whole business to a new state, you must dissolve the existing business and start a new corporation in the new area. 


Ensure you have a timeline of specific events and activities that you want to be completed by and when. Here at BRG Office Movers, we are professional office movers who have years of experience providing company surveys, budgets, and scheduling relocations, to help you orchestrate a move plan and checklist that is unique to your company and relocation. Your BRG Office Movers consultant is your most valuable resource, they will help you orchestrate an effective plan that encompasses all aspects of the move. 


When moving a company to another state, make sure you communicate effectively with your employees, vendors, associates, and stakeholders. Give your new contact details to all of those who will need them, and get in contact with an office moving company such as BRG Office Movers to start the ball rolling.  

Partnering with us for your move will ensure moving your business from one state to another will go smoothly; we make even the most complex moves simple. Part of our service includes computer disconnect and reconnect services, warehousing, asset management, storage services, and transportation management. We are professional office movers who take care of everything related to your relocation so that you can continue focusing on your business. 


Once your relocation from one state to another has been completed, BRG Office Movers’ job doesn’t finish there. We offer installation for furniture, case goods, and filing systems, and we also remove unwanted furniture and decommission or re-use/recycle old furniture systems no longer needed. Leave this job in our capable hands and your business will be successfully operational again with little to no stress on your part.  

Choose BRG Office Movers When Relocating a Business to Another State 

Relocating a business to another state can be made simpler when you partner with BRG Office Movers. We have a wealth of experience in relocating businesses throughout North America and are proud to offer efficient and cost-effective relocations with minimal disruption to your business. Contact us today for a free office moving quote.