How to Manage a Headquarters Relocation

When your headquarters is moving, there is a lot that needs to be thought through to ensure a successful, smooth move. Thankfully, you have come across the right blog post from BRG Office Movers to help you manage a headquarters relocation without any of the stress it usually entails.

Relocation Plan

Even the simplest move needs to have a relocation plan in place.  Whether your headquarters is relocating across town or across the county, following a well conceived relocation plan will keep your priorities clear and help you to stay on track. Your relocation plan should include:

A Timeline

Creating a timeline may seem obvious but it is one of the top office moving tips you should follow. Tracking important milestones such as furniture installation and IT requirements as well as, crucial deadlines will keep everything clear and ensure that nothing is left to the last minute or forgotten about completely. BRG Office Movers can project manage your whole headquarters relocation, including timeline development.

Keeping Employees Informed

Great communication is key to a smooth headquarters relocation. Start by creating a relocation committee made up of people from each department. They will become the conduit to ensure communication about the relocation plan is relayed to all of your employees. Keeping employees informed helps to relieve anxiety and promotes a positive vibe surrounding the relocation. While hectic, through proper change management this is a great time to create excitement and energy within your organization.  You should also make sure that vendors, customers, and associates are given appropriate details about the move as well.  You may even want to consider issuing a press release and certainly utilize social media to announce exciting milestones.

Updating Licenses and Policies

Another important but often overlooked task is to research the area you are moving to and identify all necessary licenses and permits required. You don’t want to receive penalties or fines for not having the correct licenses or policies in place. Now is also a good time to review your employee handbook to ensure it reflects and is in line with the local laws of your headquarters’ new location. 

A Plan for Business Operations

When you are relocating your headquarters, you must have in place what needs to remain operational during the move, what might be disrupted (and how to deal with it), and what should be duplicated to ensure a smooth transition.  This process usually takes a lot of involvement from your IT team.   Ensure you know what staff and technology are required to keep your business ticking and running efficiently during the moving process.  Many companies utilize outside staff such as BRG Office Movers to assist with the disconnect and reconnect of employee technology, allowing their staff to focus on the higher IT needs.  When you partner with BRG Office Movers, you can focus on running your business while we manage your move.

Choose BRG Office Movers to Manage Your Headquarters Relocation

Managing a headquarters relocation is no simple feat. A great place to start is considering BRG Office Movers to assist from the planning process all the way through to your post move support. With years of experience helping businesses relocate their headquarters, BRG Office Movers is full-service relocation specialist.   We possess an excellent track record in providing businesses with expert guidance and a extensive menu of  services to insure a successful transition.  Each plan is customized to suit your business needs.  Contact us today for more information, or to obtain budget pricing.