What is Office Decommissioning?

What is Office Decommissioning?

Are you relocating your business to a different building or possibly remodeling your current office space and planning on adding more contemporary furniture? Maybe, even just closing down an office that is no longer essential to your business.   If any of these situations apply to you, it’s likely you will also need assistance with the decommissioning of the former office space.

Office decommissioning involves the restoration of your office space to pre-lease conditions.  It can include the removal of furniture, signage, and any other office enhancements you may have made during the lease term.  Additionally, it often involves the removal of low voltage cabling that you installed for IT and security purposes.  Normally you need to return the space back to the landlord “broom clean” and empty.  You will always want to review your lease to fully understand what is required of your company as lease terms vary considerably.  Your security deposit is normally tied to you executing the terms of the lease to a T, so this is a task you will want to get right.

What Are the Benefits of Office Decommissioning with a Trusted Company

During an office decommissioning, there are a myriad of services to help remove all wanted and unwanted property from the building.  Selecting a trusted and professional company to help with your office decommissioning will save your business time, money, and potential headaches from stressful moving complications. The Beltmann Relocation Group is an excellent choice to partner with during this process.  Our extensive menu of decommissioning services helps you complete the task in the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.

Beltmann always considers the environment when decommissioning a facility.  We will assist you in either repurposing, recycling or donating your old furniture and equipment.  We go to great lengths to keep your items out of the landfill, which greatly reduces your costs.  Our established partnerships with liquidators and e-recyclers help us to help you accomplish these goals. 


Rather than hiring multiple companies to work on your project, engaging one partner to spearhead the relocation and decommissioning allows for greater scheduling advantages and therefore cost reductions.  You have the ability to focus on your business while we take care of the relocation planning and decommissioning.

Positive Environmental Impact & Reduced Security Risks

Choosing the best office decommissioning team means a more environmentally positive and thoughtful experience as they provide the most efficient IT asset disposition, data destruction, and electronics recycling.  This keeps your business safer and reduces security risks. A more streamlined move will help eliminate the potential exposure of sensitive data or proprietary information being released accidentally. 

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If your business is decommissioning office space, you need the professionals at Beltmann Relocation Group to help make your office decommission as smooth and efficient as possible. Make the wise choice of working with the industry’s most trusted and reliable office decommissioning company. Contact us today to see how we can help with all your decommissioning service needs.