Optimizing Your Office Space to Improve Employee Performance

With the ever-changing corporate landscape continually shifting to meet the demands of a post-Covid 19 world, the way individuals and teams work has also drastically shifted. Whether your team is fully remote, hybrid, or strictly in-office, the need to keep employees happy, motivated, and productive has truly become the top priority for businesses as they look to maintain and support their current team.

But, the real question is – how do you improve employee performance in 2024 while also ensuring that each employee is satisfied with their position, their workspace, and their mental/physical health?

Let’s focus on five office space solutions that will help reinvigorate your employees’ performance and set your business up for success well into the new year with help from the professional office movers at BRG Office Movers.

If you’re hesitant to the idea of altering your office space in any way, think about it like this – you know when you see an office that clearly hasn’t changed in decades and you can’t imagine feeling productive in a space that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of your business or the mission of your company?

That’s the importance of office space updates. The design, the functionality, the layout – even the location of your office is a big part of what makes your employees feel happy in their careers.

Top Five Office Space Ideas

So, in order to upgrade your current office space, here are five of our top office space ideas that will help improve employee performance.

Redesign/Reorganize Your Office

Whether you have just moved into a new office space or are simply bored with your current  layout, a redesign/reorganization of your space might be the ticket to reignite the motivation in your employees.

Purchasing new furniture if it’s in the budget , or just reconfiguring your existing furniture to create an open layout is a great place to start.   Upgrading the kitchen equipment, or adding in bright art will create a fresh, new ambiance that your employees will get excited about when they come in.

Find a New Workspace

If redesigning your current office space isn’t a great or do-able option, maybe it’s time to find a new space! We recommend checking in with your employees on their commute times and finding an office space that helps with their commute times.

According to a study done by the University of the West of England, Bristol, longer commute times tend to lead to decreased job satisfaction and an increase in mental health ailments. Finding a new workspace that works with the needs of your employees is a great way to boost motivation and productivity.

Let the Light in

Office spaces can often be stuffy, dark, and chilly, which can lead to a dip in mental and physical motivation as well as well-being. Making sure that there are bright lights in the office, open windows, or even artificial UV lamps that can satisfy that feel-good energy you get from the sun is a great way to improve the mood in the office.

Upgrade Your Food and Beverage Options

Arguably the best part about working from home is having your own food options right there in your kitchen.  But, if your company requires an in-office work schedule, creating an environment for both you and your employees to enjoy a variety of delicious food and beverage options is the perfect way to keep them engaged.

Create a full snack station, filled with a variety of their favorite food options. Another great idea is to create a coffee or energy drink station for those employees who love a 2 p.m. caffeine refresh.

Add a Relaxation Station

While this option is generally associated with newer, tech office spaces, it can work for all companies, across different  industries! Adding a simple couch or a ping-pong table for employees who need a 15-30-minute break from their desks is the perfect way to encourage taking care of your mental health. It also supports collaboration and communication with fellow employees, making the office space a fun, inviting place to be.

Call the Professional Officer Movers at BRG Officer Movers for Your Next Move

Ready to make the big move and upgrade your current office space? Well, with help from the professional movers at BRG Office Movers, the trek from space to space is a stress-free, seamless transition that you can actually feel excited about.

Our team will help take care of the entire moving process – from project management and installation to warehousing & asset management. We also use state-of-the-art technology and tools to ensure your inventory and storage is completely managed, no matter what.

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